Finally, I have found something really interesting to do rather than locking myself in my bedroom.Teaching!!
Well, teaching 123 and all that stuff was a great challenge for me.I still remember when I was bullied by my Year 1 students during the lesson.Haha!! But, that's what we call 'asam garam" right?
Actually, teaching these kids make me realize how hard it is to teach someone.
I still remember how Ms. Chan,my maths teacher struggled hard to teach me in school.Haha!!
Yeah, I am a little bit slower than the others.
I must say that I am really proud of my students.They have done well in their test!!



"There is nothing more powerful than inspirational leadership that unleashes principled behavior for a great cause,"-Dov Seidman-

Before we get started, I have a question for you:-
"What is your opinion about Malaysian political scenarios right now?"

Sucks!!You are right.Too many scandals and corruptions on the table right now.Money politic is getting popular in our country right now.Haha.Even leaders are willing to give bribe just to get the post in the party.
Forgive me if I am wrong but that's the truth huh..
With the UMNO general assembly is just around the corner, I am looking forward for a new episodes of political drama.It's really bugging me everytime someone gets on the stage and tell the same old boring plans about how we should run this country.
Come on la guys!We need something outstanding that can bring back stability and harmony in Malaysia.Maybe with the power transition, we might get something special here.I am not trying too be emotional here but someone have to stand up and speak for the rest of us.We are desperate right now and we need a leader among ourselves who can guide us through good times and bad times.
Hopefully,with the new era,we can still fix ourselves and save this country.Hopefully...